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Transport resources
Comprehensive transport capaci

Comprehensive transport capaci

Our company is mainly engaged in air, sea and railway export to port and door-to-door services, as well as air, sea and railway import EXW and FOB transportation modes, as well as special line transportation solutions, and is committed to providing compre

Professional logistics service

Professional logistics service

We have a professional and experienced logistics team to tailor the right logistics solutions for you. We have a professional operation team, to provide you with cargo safety operation guarantee, to meet your personalized transportation needs.

Extensive service network

Extensive service network

We have business service outlets in major domestic ports, forming a service network covering major domestic port cities and radiating to the whole country. In addition, we have gradually established a freight network covering major countries and regions i

Comprehensive Insurance Servic

Comprehensive Insurance Servic

We can provide insurance agency services for traders, covering air insurance, Marine insurance, railway insurance, land transportation insurance and other comprehensive transportation insurance, which solves the problems of complicated procedures and high

To complete the project

Completed many complete logistics projects of different types

To serve our customers

We serve many different types of customers, including traditional traders and emerging e-commerce, and also provide special line double clearing services for customers who need special line double clearing services from Europe, America, Africa, Middle Eas

Company vehicles

We have a professional logistics team with professional logistics knowledge, and can design scientific and reasonable logistics solutions for you according to your logistics needs.

Professional team

I have a professional logistics team, to solve a lot of difficult logistics problems, for your logistics commission to provide a reliable all-round logistics guarantee.

About Us

Henan SINOOCEAN International Freight Agency Co. LTD

      International freight industry is an important part of ocean logistics industry cluster, including international and domestic air logistics, sea logistics, railway logistics, road logistics and Special line logistics services. We have been committed to the goal of "the best logistics service provider, the best freight forwarder". Committed to providing full range of logistics solutions for domestic and foreign customers.

     We have business service office in major domestic ports, forming a service network covering major domestic port cities and radiating to the whole country. We have gradually established an international freight network covering major countries and regions in the world by integrating resources and combining better partners.

     In the work, we always uphold the "consignor first, quality first and integrity first" purpose, with quality service, service to our customers.


Our advantage

  • Engaged in foreign trade expor

    Air, sea, railway, special line

  • Business coverage of countries

    Professional logistics team

  • Total number of service provid

    Experienced logistics team

  • Trade increment

    Agent outlets in major countries around the world